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    Download Lingaya's University Bachelor of Education Foundation Course Communicative English Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Lingaya’s University is a private university functioning from the Indian state of Haryana offering education in the faculties of engineering, architecture, education, computer applications and business applications.

    B. Ed from Lingaya’s University:

    The Bachelor of Education course offered by the University extends to a period of one year and the subjects offered in this course are divided under categories like foundation courses, practical courses, practical teaching, work experience, work education, project work and professional development courses. The B. Ed course offered by Lingaya’s University also includes some subjects under groups like pedagogical courses-I, pedagogical courses-II, elective course and work experience courses.

    Communicative English paper in B. Ed course:

    The Communicative English paper is offered under the category of foundation courses and the code number of this paper is ED-106. This course includes the following subjects:

    • Professional communication
    • Written English communication
    • Presentation skills
    • Spoken English communication
    • Communication skills
    • Basics of communication
    • Essentials of grammar

    The course carries one credit and the trainee will have to present and interact ideas to a group under this course and it is a mandatory subject in the B. Ed course offered by Lingaya’s University.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Future teachers taking B. Ed course from Lingaya’s University can download previous years question papers of Communicative English paper from the attachment.

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