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    Download Kurukshetra University B. Tech Information Technology 6th Semester Computer Graphics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Kurukshetra University offers Bachelor of Technology course at the UG level in different subjects like instrumentation and control engineering, civil engineering, biotechnology, food technology, electronics & IC, electronics, electrical, mechanical, electrical & electronics and information technology.

    About B. Tech Information Technology:

    With the increase in the craze for computers among students, the B. Tech IT course is gaining importance these days and this is particularly true in the case of Kurukshetra University. This course includes a number of papers under eight semesters and here are the names of theoretical papers
    offered in the 6th semester of the course:

    • Analysis & Design of Algorithm
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Graphics
    • Computer Network
    • Management Information System

    Syllabus for computer graphics paper:

    Syllabus for computer graphics paper is divided into four units as given below:

    • Introduction
    • Two dimensional viewing
    • Three dimensional viewing, Two dimensional geometric transformations, raster graphics
    • Representation of 3D curves and surfaces, hidden surface removal

    Recommended books:

    • Hern & Baker – Computer Graphics, 2nd Ed. PHI.
    • Newmann & Sprawl – Introduction to interactive Computer Graphics, MGH.
    • Harrington – Computer Graphics – A programming Approach.
    • Rogers – Principles of Computer Graphics – MGH.
    • Folay – Fundamental of Interactive Computer Graphics – Addison Welsey

    Question paper pattern:

    Question paper for computer graphics paper will have eight questions out of which any five are to be answered by candidates.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of B. Tech IT 6th semester papers are given in the attachment.

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