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    Download Kurukshetra University B. Tech 2nd Semester Physics - II (PHY-102) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Kurukshetra University offers nearly 86 professional courses through its distance education centre, teaching departments and affiliated colleges and B. Tech is among these professional courses offered by the university through its affiliated colleges and university departments.

    Second semester of B. Tech course:

    Even though, Kurukshetra University offers B. Tech in a number of branches, for all these branches, papers in the first two semesters are common and the list of common papers offered in the second semester of the B. Tech course is given below:

    • Communication Techniques
    • Engineering Mathematics – II
    • Physics – II
    • Environmental Engineering and disaster management
    • Electrical and electronics engineering
    • Engineering Chemistry – II
    • Physics Lab – II
    • Engineering Chemistry Lab – II
    • Electrical and electronics lab
    • Machine drawing
    • Language Lab

    Syllabus for Physics II paper:

    Physics II has chapters under five units and the names of these units are as follows:

    • Unit I: Application of Schrodinger’s Equation, Summerfield’s free electron gas model
    • Unit II: Lasers, Holography
    • Unit III: Coherence, Optical Fibers
    • Unit IV: Nuclear Radiation Detectors and Dielectrics
    • Unit V: Electro dynamics

    Total marks allotted for the paper is 100, which includes mid-term examination for 20 marks and end-term examination for 80 marks.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous years question papers of Physics-II paper offered in the second semester of B. Tech course for all branches of B. Tech course are given in the attachment.

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