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    Download KEAM Physics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    KEAM is the Kerala Entrance Examination for admitting candidates to domains like Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Veterinary and Architecture. This exam is conducted in Kerala and successful candidates can take admission in any of the colleges of Kerala that provide the above courses.

    Exam pattern:

    This exam is held in two papers namely Paper I and Paper II. Paper I is a combination of Physics and Physics. The section on Physics is very important and needs thorough understanding of concepts.

    Syllabus of Physics paper in KEAM Exam:

    The following concepts are encompassed in this paper:-

    Introduction And Measurement
    Description Of Motion In One Dimension
    Description Of Motion In Two And Three Dimensions
    Laws Of Motion
    Work, Energy And Power
    Motion Of System Of Particles And Rigid Body Rotation
    Mechanics Of Solids And Fluids
    Heat And Thermodynamics
    Current Electricity
    Magnetic Effect Of Current And Magnetism
    Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Current
    Electromagnetic Waves
    Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiations
    Atomic Nucleus
    Solids And Semiconductor Devices
    Principles Of Communications

    Duration of Physics paper in KEAM Exam:

    The paper on Physics and Chemistry is allotted duration of 150 minutes viz. 2 and hours. Candidates should divide time accordingly to devote it to the Physics section. Questions are of objective type and every candidate needs to answer by selecting the correct alternative from a given set of alternatives for each question.

    Scoring pattern:

    Full marks are awarded to the candidate for each correct answer. Half marks will be deducted for every incorrect answer. There are no marks allotted for un-attempted questions, if any.

    Previous year question papers of Physics:

    KEAM aspiring candidates can download previous year question papers of Physicsfrom the attachment.
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