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    Download Karnataka State Open University MBA TM/HSM/FSM/FE First Semester Legal Aspects of Business Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Karnataka State Open University is offering a number of courses under open learning scheme and among these courses, the Master of Business Administration course is taken up by students with great interest.

    MBA specializations offered by the KSOU:

    Master of Business Administration course offered by the Karnataka State Open University has gained popularity among the students mainly because of the different specializations offered in this course.
    Even though, MBA is offered by KSOU in different specializations, some of the specializations have some common subject during the first semester of the course. KSOU offers MBA course in the following specializations:

    Human Resource Management
    Financial Management
    Information technology
    Marketing management
    Retail management
    Insurance & banking
    Operations management
    Hospitality management

    About Legal aspects of business paper offered in the first semester of the MBA course:

    In the above-mentioned specializations in which MBA course is offered by KSOU, some specializations like Financial service management, health service management and technology management have legal aspects of business as a common paper in the first semester.

    Question Paper Pattern:

    The question paper for Legal Aspects of Business paper will have questions worth 80 marks to be completed within a duration of 03 hours. The question paper for this examination will have four sections Section A, B, C and D. Section A will have one question with five sub-questions and all sub-questions are to be answered in this section with one question carrying two marks thereby making 10 marks in total. Section B will have seven questions out of which five are to be answered with each question carrying 7 marks thereby making a total of 35 marks. Section C will have four questions out of which any two are to be answered with each question carrying 10 marks, thereby making a total of 20 marks. Finally, section D will have two questions and any one is to be answered and this section carries 15 marks.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous years question papers of Legal aspects of business exam is given in the attachment.

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