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    Download Karnataka Public Service Commission Gazatted Probationers (Main) Psychology (Paper 1 and 2) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) is working under the control of Government of Karnataka and the commission is responsible for conducting recruitment examination for selection of candidates to different government job positions in the state of Karnataka.

    Services offered by Karnataka Public Service Commission:

    Under Article 320 (1) of the constitution, it is the duty of the Karnataka Public Service Commission for conducting recruitment and examinations for appointment of candidates to services of the state. Discharging the aforesaid function is the constitutional obligation of the commission. According to the Clause 3 of Article 320, the KPSC should be consulted by the Government on matters described in clause 3 (B) to (E) of the constitution.

    About Gazatted Probationers Exam conducted by KPSC:

    While recruiting candidates to the Gazatted Probationers position in Government organizations in the state, the commission follows the rules of The Karnataka Recruitment of Gazatted Probationers (Appointment by Competitive Examination) Rules 1997. Accordingly the examination is conducted in two states being written examination and interview.

    Psychology (Paper 1 and 2) in Main examination:

    Among the different optional subjects available in the main examination of Gazatted Probationers Examination, Psychology is a subject with code number 19. The maximum marks allotted for this exam is 300 and the duration allowed is three hours. The question paper for Paper 1 and 2 exams will be divided into four parts with 20 marks for Part A, 100 for Part B, 90 for Part C and 90 marks for Part D thereby making a total of 300 marks.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous Years Question Papers of Psychology (Paper 1 and 2) is given in the attachment.

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