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    Download Karnataka Public Service Commission Gazatted Probationers (Main) Physics (Paper 1 and 2) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Karnataka Public Service Commission as the name implies is the public service commission functioning under the control of the Government of Karnataka and the commission conducts different recruitment examination for selection of appropriate candidates for the government job vacancies arising in the state of Karnataka.

    About Gazatted Probationers Exam conducted by KPSC:

    Gazatted Probationers is one among the different recruitment examination conducted by the KPSC and this examination is conducted as preliminary examination and main examination. Main examination for selection of Gazatted Probationers is conducted in different optional papers and candidates can make their own choice of subject from the given optional subjects.

    Physics (Paper 1 and 2) in Main examination:

    Among the different optional subjects available in the main examination of Gazatted Probationers Examination, physics is a subject with code number 17. Both paper 1 and 2 of the exam will have four parts with 20 marks for part A, 100 marks for Part B, 90 marks each for Part C and D. Syllabus for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the physics paper is as follows:

    Paper 1:

    o Mechanics
    o Thermal Physics
    o Waves & Oscillations

    Paper 2:

    o Electricity & Magnetism
    o Modern Physics
    o Electronics

    The question paper for physics (paper 1 and 2) will be based on the chapters mentioned above for paper 1 and 2 respectively.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Candidates taking up physics as their optional paper for Gazatted Probationers Main Examination can practice with the help of the past question papers of Paper 1 and 2 given in the attachment.

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