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    Download Karnataka Public Service Commission Gazatted Probationers (Main) Mechanical Engineering (Paper 1 and 2) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Karnataka Public Service Commission was constituted under the provisions of the Indian Constitution on the 18th of May 1951. As a mark of completion of 60 years, the commission recently celebrated its diamond jubilee on the 18th of May 2011. To marks this occasion, foundation stone for construction of new building called as Vajra Mahotsava Soudha was laid with a view to serve the people in general and to offer service to the candidates more particularly in an effective manner.

    Composition of Karnataka Public Service Commission:

    The Karnataka Public Service Commission comprises of nine members and a chairman. The commission also has a secretary and all these personnel are working effectively for ensuring the proper functioning of Karnataka Public Service Commission.

    Exams for different positions conducted by the commission:

    Karnataka public service commission conducts recruitment examinations for different positions like library assistant, protection officer, assistant secretary, panchayat development officer, etc… and this list include recruitment examination for Gazatted Probationers as well. The gazatted probationers examination is conducted by the commission in two stages being preliminary and main examination. The main examination is conducted in different specializations with a view to enable candidates from different educational qualification to apply for the exam.

    About Mechanical Engineering (Paper 1 and 2) of Gazatted Probationers Examination:

    The subject code of this paper is 14 and syllabus allotted for paper 1 and 2 of this paper is as follows:

    Paper 1:

    • Statics
    • Dynamics
    • Theory of machines
    • Mechanics of Solids
    • Manufacturing Science
    • Production Management

    Paper 2:

    • Thermodynamics
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Heat Transfer
    • Energy conversion
    • Environmental Control

    Previous Years Question papers:

    The past question papers of Karnataka Public Service Commission Gazatted Probationers main examination Mechanical Engineering (paper 1 and 2) are given in the attachment.

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