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    Download Karnataka Public Service Commission Gazatted Probationers (Main) Mathematics (Paper 1 and 2) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Karnataka Public Service Commission is conducting examination for the position of Gazatted Probationers, which is one among the different government job positions existing in the state of Karnataka. This examination is conducted by the commission in two stages being preliminary examination and main examination.

    About Main Examination:

    The Main examination for Gazatted Probationers position is conducted in different subjects and there are totally 30 optional subjects in the main examination, wherein candidates are permitted to choose the subject of their interest and qualification.

    About mathematics paper in the main examination:

    Code number of mathematics paper is 12 and it is conducted in two papers being paper 1 and 2. Syllabus for these two papers includes the chapters mentioned below:

    Mathematics Paper1:

    Linear Algebra
    Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions
    Differential equations
    Vector, Tensor, Statics, dynamics and hydrostatics

    Mathematics Paper2:

    Algebra, Real analysis, complex analysis, partial differential equations
    Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, numerical analysis, statistics inclusive of probability
    Operations Research

    Pattern of mathematics Paper1 and paper2:

    Maximum marks for the both these papers is 300 and questions under these papers is divided into four parts with Part A carrying 20 marks, Part B carrying 100 marks, Part C carrying 90 marks and Part D carrying 90 marks thereby making a total of 300 marks.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question paper of mathematics Paper 1 and paper 2 are given in the attachment.

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