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    Download Karnataka Public Service Commission Gazatted Probationers (Main) Geography (Paper 1 and 2) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Karnataka Public Service Commission as the name implies is functioning under the control of the Government of Karnataka and this public service commission conducts various recruit examination on behalf of the Government of Karnataka to recruit candidates for different state services.

    About Gazatted Probationers Examination:

    This examination is conducted in two stages for selection of candidates for the position of Gazatted probationers and the stages are preliminary examination and main examination. The main examination is conducted in different optional papers and some of them are:

    • Geography
    • Management
    • General Studies
    • Anthropology
    • Hindi
    • Physics
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Sociology
    • Civil engineering
    • Urdu

    Syllabus for Geography paper in the main examination:

    Subject code for geography is 10 and this includes two papers and an outline of chapters covered for paper A and Paper B is given below:

    Geography Paper - I:

    • Section A: Physical Geography
    • Section B: Human and Economic Geography
    o Development of Geographical thought
    o Human geography
    o Settlement Geography
    o Political Geography
    o Economic Geography

    Geography Paper – II:

    • Geography of India with special reference to Karnataka
    o Physical Aspects
    o Human Aspects
    o Agriculture
    o Industry
    o Transport and Trade
    o Settlements
    o Regional Development and Planning
    o Political Aspects

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of geography subject both paper 1 and paper 2 are given in the attachment.

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