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    Download Jamia Hamdard University Directorate of Open and Distance Learning PG-Diploma in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs course offered by the Directorate of Distance Learning of Jamia Hamdard University has its code number as 654 and minimum duration for completion of the course is one year, while the university offers maximum duration of two years for completion of the course.

    Eligibility requirement:

    For seeking admission to this course, candidates must have completed their UG degree in Pharmacy or medical sciences and even candidates with any other degree qualification with two years of experience in pharmaceutical industry are eligible to apply.

    Course coverage:

    The course offers education to the students in the following areas:

    An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs
    General Pharmaceutical Lows and Guidelines
    Drug regulatory Affairs in India
    Information and Quality Management
    Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biological aspects of Regulatory documentation
    Clinical Trials and Health care policies
    International incensing
    Regulatory considerations in controlled drug delivery and future aspects of Biopharmaceuticals

    Examination for An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs paper:

    The paper code of this paper is PGPRAD 101 and final examination for this paper is conducted by the university for 70 marks. The duration of the examination is two-and-half hours and there will be questions under three sections. Section A carries 10 marks, while B and C carries 30 marks each.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of PGPRAD 101 paper are given in the attachment for the reference of candidates.

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