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    Download Insurance Institute of India Fellowship Examination Management Accounting Previous Years Question Papers

    Insurance Institute of India is a professional body for offering courses related to the field of insurance. The institute offers courses in different levels and fellowship examination is the highest of the different levels.

    Papers in Fellowship examination:

    Fellowship course has a number of papers and the names of these papers are given below:

    • Mathematical basis of life assurance
    • Statistics
    • Group insurance & retirement benefit schemes
    • Reinsurance
    • Risk Management
    • Law & Economics of Insurance
    • Marketing & Public Relations
    • Management Accounting
    • Human Resources Management
    • Actuarial aspects of product development
    • Legal aspects of industrial relations
    • Advanced Information Technology
    • Asset Management

    Management accounting paper:

    This subject is called as subject 89 and syllabus for this subject includes chapters under the following heads:

    • Accounting
    • Management Accounting
    • Budget and Budgetary control
    • Cash flow – fund flow
    • Cost accounting
    • Standard Accounting
    • Marginal costing
    • Management Information System

    Pattern of Management Accounting question paper:

    The question paper will have 8 questions and 5 questions are to be answered by candidates, which includes first question as compulsory question. All questions carry equal mark of 20 thereby making a total of 100 marks.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of Management Accounting paper of Fellowship examination are given in the attachment.
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