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    Download Insurance Institute of India Fellowship Examination Law and Economics of Insurance Previous Years Question Papers

    Insurance Institute of India was previously called as Federation of Insurance Institute came into existence with its previous name in the year 1955. The main purpose behind the establishment of the institute is to promote insurance education and training in India.

    Fellowship course offered by the Insurance Institute of India:

    Among the different courses offered by the Insurance Institute of India, Fellowship is the highest level of the course and the course includes the following papers:

    Mathematical Basis of Life Assurance
    Group Insurance & Retirement Benefit Schemes
    Risk Management
    Law and Economics of Insurance
    Marketing and public relations
    Management Accounting
    Human Resource Management
    Actuarial aspects of product Development
    Legal Aspects of industrial relations
    Advanced information technology
    Asset Management

    About Law and Economics of Insurance paper:

    Final examination for law and economics of insurance paper is conducted for 100 marks. Question paper for this examination will have questions under two sections namely section
    A and Section B. All questions carry equal marks of 20 and there will be four questions in Section A out of which any two are to be answered. There will be four questions in Section B, out of which any three are to be answered.

    Previous years question papers:

    Previous years question papers of Fellowship Examination, Law and Economics of insurance paper are given in the attachment.
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