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    Download Insurance Institute of India Fellowship Examination Human Resources Management Previous Years Question Papers

    The code number of human resources management paper offered in the Fellowship course of Insurance Institute of India is IC 90 and the objective of this paper is to meet the requirement of good managers for the insurance industry. The subject is offered in such a way that the candidates get good understanding of human behavior and nature and in such a way that they can effective manage a team working under them.

    Content of Human resource management paper:

    The human resource management paper includes contents under the following heads:

    • The development of management science
    • Functions of Management
    • From personnel management to human resources management
    • Human Resources management and behavioral sciences
    • Acquisition of human resources
    • Development of human resources
    • Motivation of human resources
    • Maintenance of human resources
    • Human resources management and group dynamics
    • Human resources management and service industries
    • International Human resources management
    • Management and Society

    Suggested readings for Human Resources Management paper:

    • Essentials of Management- Harold Koontz, Heinz Weihrich - McGraw Hill Publishing Company
    • Personnel/Human Resources Management-Davis A De Cenzo, Stephen P Robins-Prentice hall, New Delhi.
    • Excellence through HRD- Edited by T.V. Rao and Others,
    • Organisational Behaviour – Fred Luthans- McGraw Hill, Kogakusha Ltd., Managing Ethics- S. Balachandran- Sangeetha Associates Mumbai. Personanel the Human Problems of Management- George strauss, Leonard R Saytles- Prentice Hall

    Previous years question papers:

    Past 15 term question papers of human resources management paper are given in the attachment.
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