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    Download Insurance Institute of India Fellowship Examination Advanced Information Technology (FC 98) Previous Years Question Papers

    Insurance Institute of India was previously called as Federation of Insurance Institutes and it came into existence in the year 1955. Purpose behind the establishment of the institute is the promotion of insurance education and training in the nation. The institute is popularly known as III and it is closely associated with the different segments of the industry of insurance that comprises of Insurance Regulatory Authority of India.

    Examinations conducted by the institute:

    The institute conducts examinations under different categories like professional examination, diploma, specialized diploma, postal life insurance, etc… Among the different examinations conducted by the institute, the Fellowship examination is the highest level.

    About Advanced Information Technology paper in Fellowship examination:

    Code number of Advanced Information Technology paper is IC 98 and it is also referred to as FC 98. Syllabus for this paper was edited by the institute in the year 2005 and accordingly, there will be questions under some of the chapters like:

    • Computer hardware
    • Document imaging and management
    • Data integration standards pertaining to insurance industry

    This paper was introduced with a view to bring together information technology and insurance industry in such a way that technological development can be brought to the industry of insurance.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Advanced Information Technology paper of Fellowship examination of III are given in the attachment.
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