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    Download Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers Advanced Level Courses in Computer Science - Computer Graphics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering offers different courses like AMIETE,
    DIPIETE and ALLCS is one such course offered by the institute. The course stands for Advanced Level Courses in Computer Science and from the year 2009 new syllabus has been introduced by the institute for this course. Papers offered in the new syllabus has their code number starting with the letter CT, while for subjects in the old syllabus, the code numbers begin as CS.

    Papers in ALCCS course according to old syllabus:

    Data warehouse design and implementation
    Advanced Java and internet technology
    Parallel computing
    Software engineering
    Operations Research and System simulation
    Numerical Computing
    Computer Graphics
    Database Management Systems

    About Computer Graphics paper:

    Computer graphics paper according to the old syllabus has its code number as CS40, while according to the new syllabus, the code number of this paper is CT72. It is offered as a elective subject in new syllabus.

    Pattern of CS40 paper:

    According to the old syllabus for computer graphics paper, final examination for this paper is conducted for 100 marks. The question paper will have 7 questions out of which any five questions including of question no.1, which is a compulsory question should be answered by candidates.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of 2011, 2010 and 2009 exams of computer graphics subject are given in the attachment.

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