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    Download Institute of Actuaries of India Statistical Models (CT6) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Statistical models is a core technical paper offered by the Institute of Actuaries of India with its subject code as CT6. The objective of this paper is to offer a further grounding to the learners in the mathematical and statistical techniques acquired from the earlier papers with particular relevance to the industry of finance. This paper has close relationship with the CT3, CA1 and ST1 paper offered by the institute.

    Techniques acquired:

    On completion of the paper, the trainee actuary will be in a position to do the following:

    • To explain the concepts of decision theory and ability to apply them as well
    • To calculate moments and probabilities of distribution of losses both with respect to risk-sharing and limits arrangements
    • To construct risk models that involve severity and frequency and ability to calculate the moment generation function
    • To explain the concepts of ruin and risk model
    Apart from the aforesaid skills, several other skill sets can also be acquired by candidates with the help of this paper.

    Question paper pattern for CT6:

    The question paper will have 12 questions in total and candidates will have to compulsorily answer all the questions. Mark allocated for each question will differ from the other and the actual mark for each question can be known from the question paper.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question paper of statistical models papers belonging to 2005 to 2012 are given in the attachment.

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