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    Download Institute of Actuaries of India Models (CT4) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Models is a core technical paper offered by the Institute of Actuaries of India and the code number of this paper is CT4. The aim of this paper is to offer a grounding to the learners in survival models stochastic processes and their applications. The subject complements the other papers of the course being CT1, CT3, CT5, CT8 and CA1.

    Knowledge acquired from the paper:

    On completion of this subject, trainees will be in a position to:

    Describe the principles of actuarial modeling
    Describe the general terms a stochastic process and to be more specific a counting process
    Define and apply the Markov Chain
    Apply and define Markov Process
    Explain survival models
    Explain estimation procedures in lifetime distribution

    In addition to the above-mentioned knowledge, the subject offers a wide knowledge to the trainees.

    Examination for models paper:

    Examination for this paper is conducted by the institute for 100 marks and the examination should be completed within three hours duration. The paper will have 8 questions in total and all questions are to be answered by candidates. Trainees should being answering for each question in separate sheet except for one mark question. Marks allotted for each question will differ from the other and the same details will be provided in the question papers.

    Previous years question papers:

    Examination is conducted by the institute two times a year in the month of May and November and past question papers of the years 2005 to 2012 are given in the attachment.

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