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    Download Institute of Actuaries of India Business Economics (CT7) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Business economics is a core technical paper offered in the course offered by the Institute of Actuaries of India and the code number of this paper is CT7. The main aim of this paper is to introduce students to the core principles of economics and how can they be used in business environment for helping in behavior and decision making. It offers the students with the fundamental concept of micro and macro economics since they are capable of affecting not only the insurance sector, but also the other sectors as well.

    Links of CT7 to other papers:

    This paper is linked to other subjects like CT8, CT2, CT9, CA1 and ST5 paper offered by the institute in such a way that students can get the right kind of knowledge.

    Paper completion:

    The institute aims that on completion of CT7 paper, students should be in a position to do the following:

    Discuss the working of competitive market
    Appreciate the relevance of economics to the business world
    Discuss behavior and demand of consumer
    Understand the essentiality of decision of a firm on product selection, advertising and marketing techniques
    Describe profit maximization under perfect monopoly and competition
    Understand the role of growth strategy of a firm on its survival and profitability

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of CT7 paper of Institute of Actuaries of India belonging to 2005 to 2012 are given in the attachment.

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