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    Download Indian Institute of Materials Management PGDMM/GDMM Operation Management (Paper 8) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Indian Institute of Materials Management is shortly called as IIMM and this institute as from the name is specialized in offering courses pertaining to materials management. The institute offers graduate diploma and Post graduate diploma in materials management and Graduate diploma and Post graduate diploma in public procurement and logistics management respectively.

    Papers in the PGDMM/GDMM courses:

    Some of the papers in these two courses are common and here are the names of some of them:

    Management principles and human resource practices
    Quantitative methods
    Business economics, accounting & finance
    IT and E-Commerce
    Purchase Management
    Business laws
    International trade
    Operation Management
    Strategic Management

    About operation management paper:

    This paper is being offered both for students taking of PGDMM and GDMM courses and the paper code for this paper is 8. Examination for this paper will be conducted for maximum 100 mark for a duration of three hours. There will be questions under three parts being Part A, B and C. Total marks for Part A would be 32 and there will be 32 one-mark questions in this part and all of them should be answered. There will be 5 questions in Part B out of which any 3 are to be answered with each question carrying 16 marks thereby making a total of 48 marks for this part. Part C carries 20 marks and this part should be compulsorily attempted by students.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of operations management paper are given in the attachment.

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