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    Download IGNOU Certificate in Guidance - Facilitating Growth & Development (NES-102) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University and the university offers a wide range of courses under the category of certificate courses. Among the different certificate courses offered by the university, Certificate in Guidance is a course that is offered with a minimum duration of six months and maximum duration of two years. Therefore, the maximum time allotted for candidates to complete this course is two years and the university has been offering this course from the year 1993.

    Who can apply to this course?

    Candidates working as teachers are eligible to apply to this course or candidates with SSC/matriculation qualification or candidates with BPP from IGNOU can apply to the Certificate course in Guidance offered by the IGNOU.

    Subjects in the course:

    Certificate course in Guidance includes the following subjects:

    Guiding Socio-emotional Development of Children
    Guiding Children's Learning
    Facilitating Growth and Development
    Understanding the Elementary School Child

    Facilitating Growth and Development Paper:

    This is a paper with its code number as NES-102 and this subject focuses on bringing about development and growth through guidance.

    Exam Pattern:

    The NES=102 examination is conducted for 100 marks in total with the time duration of three hours. Totally the question paper will have three questions with first two questions on in either or format and the final question will have six sub-questions out of which any four is to be answered. The first two questions carry 30 marks each, while the third question carries 40 marks.

    Previous year question papers:

    Candidates can find attached previous year question papers of Facilitating Growth & Development paper.

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