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    Download ICWAI Intermediate Group II Operations Management and Information System Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    ICWAI stands for Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India and this institution is a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament. The institute offers professional course called as Cost and Works Accountancy course, which is divided into foundation, intermediate and final groups.

    Eligibility requirement for seeking admission to the intermediate course:

    For getting into the intermediate course, candidates must have completed their foundation course offered by the ICWAI or even degree holders from a recognized university are eligible to apply to the intermediate course without taking up foundation course. Age requirement for seeking admission directly to the intermediate course is not less than 18 years.

    Papers in the Intermediate group II of CWA examination:

    For getting ICWA (intermediate) certification, candidates will have to get through six papers divided into two groups namely Group I and Group II. The Group II of the intermediate course includes the following papers:

    Cost and Management Accounting
    Operations Management and Information System
    Applied Indirect Taxes

    Pattern of Operations Management and Information System Exam:

    Operations Management and Information System paper in intermediate Group II of the ICWA examination is conducted for three hour duration for totally 100 marks and the break of marks for different chapters will be as follows:

    50% of marks for Operations Management divided as follows:
    o Overview of Production Process - 15%
    o Production Planning and Productivity Management - 15%
    o Maintenance Management -10%
    o Resource Management - 10%
    Remaining 50% marks for Information Systems divided as follows:
    o Information System Analysis & Design - 10%
    o Database Management System - 15%
    o Management Information Systems 15%
    o Enterprise Resource Planning 10%

    Previous year question papers:

    Candidates can download previous year question papers of ICWAI Intermediate Group II Operations Management and Information System exam paper here:

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