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    Download ICWAI Intermediate Group II Cost and Management Accounting Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India is an institution offering professional course for preparation of Cost and Works Accountants and this institution is a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament. The cost and works accountant course offered by the institution is divided into different states like foundation, intermediate and final.

    Eligibility requirement for seeking admission to the intermediate course:

    Completion of foundation course is the eligibility requirement for getting into the intermediate course offered by the institution. However, candidates with their UG degree completion can get direct entry to the intermediate course without taking up the foundation course in case they fulfill the age requirement of minimum 18 years.

    Papers in the Intermediate group II of CWA examination:

    There are two groups in the ICWAI intermediate examination with three papers for each group. The Cost and Management accounting paper is offered in the Group II of intermediate stage along with the following other two subjects:

    Operations Management and Information System
    Applied Indirect Taxes

    Syllabus of Cost and Management Account Exam:

    The Cost and Management Accounting paper is the paper 5 of the ICWAI course. The content of the subject includes the following:

    Basics of cost and management accounting
    Methods of costing
    Marginal costing and break-even analysis
    Budgetary control
    Standard Costing
    Uniform costing
    Cash Flow and Fund Flow analysis
    Financial Analysis and Control

    Previous year question papers:

    ICWAI aspiring candidates can practice with the help of the cost and management accounting paper given in the attachment.

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