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    Download ICWAI Intermediate Group I Financial Accounting Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India is one of the popular institutions in the nation and the institute offers the professional course of Cost and Works Accountancy. This professional course can enable the candidates to find job as cost accounting professionals in big corporate firms.

    About Intermediate course:

    Institute of Cost and Works Accountants conducts the CWA course in different stages being foundation, intermediate and final course and as far as the eligibility requirement for getting into the intermediate course is that candidates must have completed either their foundation course or even degree holders in any discipline can get direct admission to the intermediate stage of CWA course.

    Papers in the Intermediate group I of CWA examination:

    The intermediate stage is further divided into two groups being Group I and Group II and the names of subject offered in Intermediate Group I are given below:

    Applied direct Taxes
    Commercial and industrial laws and auditing
    Financial accounting

    Syllabus of Financial Accounting Paper:

    Financial Accounting is the paper 5 of the ICWAI course. This paper is conducted for 100 m marks and the question paper will have questions worth 10 marks each from the following 10 chapters:

    Accounting Conventions & Practices
    Royalty and Hire Purchase
    Receipts & Payments/income & expenditure Accounts
    Partnership Accounting
    Branch and departmental accounts
    Accounting standards
    Joint stock companies
    Preparation of company accounts
    Accounting services in organizations
    Accounting and interpretation of financial statements

    Previous year question papers:

    ICWAI aspiring candidates can practice with the help of past question papers of Financial Accounting paper given in the attachment.

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    Re: Download ICWAI Intermediate Group I Financial Accounting Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    what is the datesheet of intermeidate exam [1] for june 2012

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