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    Download ICWAI Foundation Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India offers the professional course of Cost and Works Accountancy and the course prepares the students for the profession of Cost and Works Accountancy.

    About Foundation course:

    Foundation course is the first level of the CWA course and it enables the students to enter into the further stages of intermediate and final course in CWA to become cost and works accounting professionals.

    Foundation course duration:

    The minimum duration allowed by the institute for completion of CWA course is six months and this period begins as soon as a candidate registers himself/herself with the institute. Minimum age limit for getting into this course is 17 years.

    Papers in the foundation course of CWA examination:

    According to the new syllabus introduced by the institute in the year 2008, the foundation course includes the following papers:

    • Organization and management fundamentals
    • Accounting
    • Economics and Business Fundamentals
    • Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals

    Syllabus of Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals:

    Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals is the paper 4 of the ICWAI foundation course. This paper is conducted for 100 marks and the question paper will have questions worth 10%, 15%, 15%, 10%, 15% and 35% respectively from the chapters given below:
    • Arithmetic
    • Algebra
    • Mensuration
    • Co-ordinate geometry
    • Calculus
    • Statistical methods

    Recommended books for business mathematics and Statistics fundamentals paper:

    • Business Mathematics & Statistics, G. Srinivasa & D. George
    • Basic Statistics, Goon & Gupta
    • Statistical Methods, N. G. Das
    • Basic Mathematics & Statistics, N. K. Nag
    • Basic Mathematics & Statistics, B. M. Agarwal

    Previous year question papers:

    ICWAI aspiring candidates can practice with the help of past question papers of Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals paper in the foundation course of ICWAI.

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