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    Download ICWAI Final Stage IV Management Accounting Decision Making Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    ICWAI course is offered as a professional course for preparing cost accountants and this course is divided into three groups namely foundation, intermediate and final groups. This is according to the new syllabus introduced in the year 2008 and prior to this year, the groups were called as stages and therefore, the course comprised of foundation, intermediate and final stages.

    Papers offered in Final Stage IV according to 2003 syllabus:

    According to the 2003 syllabus, final stage IV of the course included the following papers:

    Cost Accounting and Management Audit
    Management Accounting Decision Making
    Management Accounting Financial Strategy and Reporting
    Valuation Management and Case study

    Syllabus for Management Accounting Decision Making paper:

    The objective of this paper is to gain comprehensive knowledge of different aspects pertaining to external financial reporting practices and to gain expert understanding of professional standards, accounting principles and procedures and their application to different practical situations. Syllabus for this paper included the following heading under which different chapters were offered:

    Basic concepts of decision making
    Costing and accounting systems
    Investment appraisal

    Previous years question papers:

    Even though, according to the current syllabus, management accounting decision making paper is not available in CWA stages, candidates can practice for the management accounting paper from the 15 term question papers of final stage IV Management Accounting decision making paper given in the attachment.

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