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    Download ICAI Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) Cost Accounting & Financial Management (Paper 3) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Chartered Accountants of India shortly called as ICAI is a statutory body that came into existence through Chartered Accountants Act 1949. The institute has earned recognition as a prominent body of accounting not only in India, but also all over the world. It is regarded as the largest body of accounting in the whole world.

    About the course:

    Among the different courses offered by ICAI, IPCC course is divided into Group I and Group II. Totally there are seven papers in the course with four papers in Group I and three papers in Group II.

    Papers in Group I of the course:

    Group I of the course includes the following papers:

    Paper 1: Accounting
    Paper 2: Law, Ethics and Communication
    Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial Management
    Paper 4: Taxation

    About Cost Accounting and Financial Management paper:

    Cost Accounting and Financial Management Paper includes two parts being Part I and Part II with 50 marks for each part as given below:
    Part I: Cost Accounting 50 Marks
    Part II: Financial Management 50 Marks

    Syllabus for Cost Accounting and Financial Management:

    Part I: Cost Accounting:

    Introduction to Cost Accounting
    Cost Ascertainment
    Cost Book-keeping
    Costing Systems
    Introduction to Marginal Costing
    Introduction to Standard Costing
    Budgets and Budgetary Control

    Part II: Financial Management (50 Marks):

    Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
    Time Value of Money
    Financial Analysis and Planning
    Financial Decision
    Types of Financing
    Investment Decisions
    Management of Working Capital

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of Cost Accounting & Financial Management (Paper 3) are given in the attachment.

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