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    Download Gujarat Technological University Bachelor of Engineering Second Semester Elements of Mechanical Engineering (110006) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    As from its name Gujarat Technological University shortly called as GTU is meant for offering technical education courses and B. Tech is one among the different technical courses offered by the university at the UG level. This course is being offered by the university in a number of branches like environmental engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, etc

    Common papers in the second semester of the course:

    Irrespective of the branch of B. Tech course, the second semester has the common subjects and here are the names of the common subjects:

    Maths II
    Elements of Civil Engineering
    Elements of Electrical Engineering
    Elements of Mechanical Engineering
    Environment Study

    Syllabus for Elements of Mechanical Engineering:

    Syllabus for Elements of Mechanical Engineering paper includes the following:

    Fuels of Combustion
    Properties of gases
    Properties of Steam
    Heat Engines
    Steam Boilers
    Internal Combustion Engines
    Speed Control
    Air Compressors
    Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
    Couplings, Clutches and Brakes
    Transmission of motion and power
    Important Engineering Materials

    Reference books for Elements of Mechanical Engineering Paper:

    Thermal Engineering by R.K. Rajput, S.Chand Publication New Delhi
    Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering by G.S. Sawhney, Prentice Hall of India Publication New Delhi
    Thermal Science and Engineering by Dr. D.S. Kumar, S.K. Kataria & sons Publication New Delhi
    Introduction to Engineering Materials by B.K. Agrawal Tata McgraHill Publication New Delhi
    Elements of Mechanical Engineering by K.P.Roy and Prof.S.K . Hajra Chaudhary, Media Promoters and Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Bombay

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Previous years question papers of Elements of Mechanical Engineering Paper are given in the attachment.

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