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    Download Gujarat Technological University Bachelor of Engineering First/Second Semester Elements of Civil Engineering (110004) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    As from its name, Gujarat Technological University is offering education from the state of Gujarat and it offers Bachelor of Engineering course in a wide range of disciplines with first and second semester being offered with common papers.

    Common Papers in the first/second semester of the course:

    The list of common subjects offered in the first and second semester of the Bachelor of Engineering course is given below:

    Maths I
    Mechanics of Solids
    Engineering Graphics
    Computer Programming & Utilization
    Communication Skills
    Maths II
    Elements of Civil Engineering
    Elements of Electrical Engineering
    Elements of Mechanical Engineering
    Environmental Study

    About Elements of Civil Engineering paper:

    Code number of this paper is 110004 and the syllabus for this paper includes the following:

    Scope of Civil Engineering
    Construction Materials
    Elements of Building Construction
    Water Resource Development
    Transportation Engineering

    Pattern of Question Paper for Elements of Civil Engineering Paper:

    Semester examination for this paper will be conducted for 70 marks and the question papers will have 7 questions out of which any five are to be answered by candidates. Each question will carry 14 marks thereby making a total of 70 marks to be completed within 2 and half hours.

    Previous Years question papers:

    Previous Years Question papers of 110004 paper are given in the attachment for Bachelor of Engineering students of Gujarat Technological University.

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