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    Download GGSIPU B. Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering 5th Semester Telecommunication Networks (ETEC-307) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    GGSIPU stands for Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and it is one of the popular universities in India operating from the city of New Delhi. The university is well for its B. Tech courses, which is being offered under different specializations and of the different B. Tech branches, Electronics & Communication Engineering has great demand among the students.

    Telecommunication Networks paper in B. Tech ECE:

    Telecommunication Networks paper was previously offered in the fifth semester of B. Tech ECE course and previous the code number of this paper was ETEC-307; however, this paper is currently offered in the sixth semester with its code number of ETEC-310. Syllabus for this paper is divided into five units with number of class hours for each unit extending to 11 hours.

    Text and reference books for telecommunication networks paper:

    • J.C. Ballamy, “Digital Telephony” Wiely, 3rd Edition.
    • Thiagarajan Viswanathan, “Telecommunication switching systems and networks” PHI – 2001.
    • B.P Lathi, “Modern analog and digital communication systems” Oxford, 3rd Edition.
    • W Tomasi, “Electronics Communication systems” Pearson – 5th Edition.
    • Freeman, “Telecommunication systems engineering” Wiely, New York – 3rd Edition.
    • J. E. Flood, “Telecommunication switching and traffic networks” Pearson education, 2002.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of Telecommunication networks when it was offered in the fifth semester of the course as ETEC-307 paper are given in the attachment.

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