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    Download GATE Life Sciences Exam Biochemistry section Previous Years Question Papers

    GATE is an entrance examination for seeking admission to engineering colleges to pursue Masters Degree in engineering or masters in technology or masters in architecture. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is abbreviated as GATE. GATE is conducted in eight specific zones based on the location of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The overall control and coordination of GATE currently lies with IIT, Mumbai.

    Exam pattern:

    GATE is conducted in a total of 21 papers; however one can appear only in one paper. Candidates generally apply for that paper in which he or she has completed the undergraduate studies. Biochemistry forms a section in the paper of Life Sciences of GATE containing 20 objective questions.

    Syllabus of Biochemistry section in GATE exam:

    The concepts encompassed in this paper of GATE are as follows:-
    Organization of life. Importance of water. Cell structure and organelles. Structure and function of biomolecules
    Metabolism and bioenergetics. Generation and utilization of ATP. Metabolic pathways and their regulation
    Biological membranes. Transport across membranes. Signal transduction; hormones and neurotransmitters
    DNA replication, transcription and translation. Biochemical regulation of gene expression. Recombinant DNA technology and applications: PCR, site directed mutagenesis and DNA-microarray
    Immune system

    Duration of Biochemistry section in GATE exam:

    Being a section out of six sections in the paper of Life Sciences, time management should be done by the candidate. It contains 20 questions carrying a total of 30 marks and based upon this time should be devoted to this section. The whole paper, however, is of three hours.

    Scoring pattern:

    Out of the 20 questions, questions 1-10 carry one mark each and the rest carry 2 marks each. For questions 1-10, one-third of the marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer and for question 11-20, one-fourth of the marks will be deducted.

    Previous year question papers of Biochemistry section:

    GATE aspiring candidates of Biochemistry domain can find the attached question papers of previous years.

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