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    Download DOEACC Society B Level Course Digital Image Processing Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    DOEACC offers a wide range of courses of which B level course has great demand among students since the course is approved as equivalent to the MCA course by the Human Development Ministry of the Indian Government. For acquiring the B level course certification, candidates will have to clear the examination conducted by the society. The course include five semesters in total of which the first two semesters has six papers, III and IV semesters has five papers and the fifth semester also has five papers with first three papers as compulsory papers and the rest two are elective papers. There are 12 elective papers in the course and students can choose any two for paper 4 and 5 of the 5th semester.

    Elective papers:

    The list of 12 elective papers offered in the fifth semester of the B level course is as follows:

    Embedded Systems
    Information Storage and Management
    Wireless & mobile communication
    Artificial intelligence and neural applications
    Applied operations research
    Accounting & Financial Management Systems
    System modeling and computer simulation
    Digital Image processing
    Parallel Computing
    Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    Software testing and quality management

    About digital image processing paper:

    This elective paper was offered in the old syllabus of B level course and it is also available in the current semester followed for this course. According to the old syllabus, the code number of this paper is BE8-R3, while according to the new syllabus it is BE8-R4.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of Digital Image Processing paper according to the old and new syllabus are given in the attachment.

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