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    Download DOEACC Society B Level Course Basic Mathematics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    B level course, which is recognized as equivalent to the Master of Computer Applications course is approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India and for obtaining the B level certification, it is essential that candidates must clear the examination conducted by the DOEACC Society. On completion of B level course, candidates can apply for job positions like system administrators, network administrators, database administrators, senior faculty, software engineers and system analysts positions in organizations.

    About Basic Mathematics paper:

    This paper is offered in the first semester of the B level course according to the current syllabus followed. According to the current syllabus, the code number of this paper is B0.R4. Accordingly, the syllabus includes the following topics:

    • Complex Numbers
    • Matrices and determinants
    • Differential calculus
    • Integral calculus
    • Sequences and series
    • Differential equation
    • Analytical geometry
    • Vectors

    Out of the total 120, 60 are lecture classes and 60 practical classes for this paper. According to the past syllabus, the code number of the paper was B3.2.

    Main reading books for the paper:

    • H Anton, I. Bivens, S. Davis, “Calculus”, John Wiley and Sons.
    • E. Kreysig, “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, 8th Edition. Wiley, 2002, McGraw Hill
    • G.B. Thomas, Jr. R.L. Finney, “Calculus and Analytic Geometry”, Pearson Education Asia, Ninth Edition, 2002

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Basic mathematics paper of the first semester of B level course are given in the attachment.

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