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    Download DOEACC Society B Level Course Accounting and Financial Management Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    B level course is one among the different courses offered by the DOEACC Society and this course has been recognized by the Human Resource Development Ministry of the Indian Government as a professional course equivalent to the MCA course.

    Eligibility requirement:

    For seeking admission to the B level course offered by DOEACC Society, candidates must have completed their A level course from the institution or government recognized courses like PGDCA, PPDCA or polytechnic/engineering diploma.

    About B level course:

    The B level course is divided into five semesters and there are 10 optional subjects in the fifth semester along with three other main subjects and they are:

    Professional and business communication
    Object Oriented Database Management System
    Network Management and information security

    About Accounting and Financial Management paper:

    Accounting and financial management is one among the 10 elective papers offered in the fifth semester of the DOEACC B level course and this subject has its code number as BE9. It was offered only in the old syllabus offered by the society and according to the new syllabus, the name of the subject is Accounting and Financial Management System. Syllabus for this paper includes the following chapters:

    Financial Accounting : An Introduction
    Preparation of Financial Statements
    Analysis of Financial Statements
    Cost Accounting: An Introduction
    Cost Accumulation Systems
    Variable and Absorption Costing
    Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    Financial management: An Introduction
    Time Value of Money and Mathematics of Finance
    Capital Budgeting Decisions
    Cost of Capital and Sources of Finance
    Capital Structure and Dividend Decisions
    Working Capital management

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of DOEACC Society B level course Accounting and Financial Management paper according to old syllabus are given in the attachment.

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