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    Download Delhi University Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences Second Semester Management of Library and Information Centres Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Department of Library and information sciences of Delhi University is responsible for offering the Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences course, which is shortly called as BLIS. In addition to this course at the UG level, the department also offers PG and Ph. D level courses in library and information sciences as well.

    Admission requirement (Age):

    Candidates must not be less than 20 years and more than 26 years for seeking admission to this course. The upper age limit is 35 years for candidates already working in the positions of professional assistant or senior library assistant.

    About Management of library and information centres paper:

    This paper is offered in the second semester of BLIS course and as from the name, the subject enables the students to learn about the effective management of library and information centres. Code number of this paper is B-107 and the paper includes subjects under the following units:

    Unit I: Principles of Library Management
    Unit II: Financial and human resource management
    Unit III: Library building and resources management
    Unit IV: Services and maintenance of library
    Unit V: Library records and statistics

    Pattern of question paper:

    The question paper will have five questions and out of them the first four will be given in either or format and the fifth question will have six sub-questions out of which any four should be answered.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Management library and information centres paper are given in the attachment.

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