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    Download CS Professional Module IV Governance Business Ethics and Sustainability Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    CS stands for Company Secretaryship course and this course is being offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), which was constituted under the Company Secretaries Act 1980. ICSI holds the pride of being the only professional body in the country for developing and regulating the profession of company secretaries in India.

    Levels in CS course:

    ICSI offers Company Secretaryship course in different levels like foundation level, Executive level and Professional level. Professional level is the final level of CS course on completion of which a candidate is conferred with Company Secretaryship certification.

    Professional course:

    CS professional level course is further divided into four modules and the names of papers offered in the IV module of the professional programme are given below:
    • Governance Business Ethics and Sustainability
    • Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management

    About Governance Business Ethics and Sustainability Paper:

    The objective of this paper is to offer students with the knowledge about global development and the best practices in the corporate world. Question paper for this examination will have three parts and the details about chapters under each part are given below:

    Part A: Corporate Governance (50 Marks):

    • Evolution, Concept, Principles and Development
    • Management structure for corporate governance; Board structure; building responsive boards
    • An analysis of legislative framework of corporate governance in various countries
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and good corporate citizenship
    • Various corporate governance forums

    Part B: Business Ethics (30 Marks):

    • Genesis, significance and scope; organization perspectives
    • Ethical principles in business – codes and innovations
    • Concept of the stakeholders’ organization
    • Activity Analysis
    • Challenges of business ethics and corporate leadership

    Part C: Corporate Sustainability (20 Marks):

    • Genesis, meaning, nature, objectives, significance and scope of corporate sustainability
    • Sustainability reporting
    • Principle of Absolute Liability
    • Contemporary developments

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    CS Professional Module IV Governance Business Ethics and Sustainability previous years question papers are given in the attachment.

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