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    Download CS Professional Module III Strategic Management Alliances and International Trade Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Company Secretaries in India offers the Corporate Secretaryship and this course is shortly called as CS course and it is a professional course offered candidates, who with to become efficient corporate secretaries. The institute has its headquarters in the city of New Delhi and it also has branches in the major cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai in India.

    CS Professional Course:

    CS Professional in one of the different stages in which CS course is offered by the ICSI. The course is divided into four modules with two papers for each module of which the papers offered in the Module III of the CS Professional course is given below:

    Strategic Management Alliances and International Trade
    Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

    Syllabus of Strategic Management Alliances and International Trade Paper:

    The whole paper is divided into 40 marks for Part A being Strategic Management, Part B carries 20 marks with questions from Strategic Alliances and Part C is meant for International Trade carrying 40 marks. The Syllabus covered under each of these parts is given below:

    Part A: Strategic Management:

    Nature and Scope of Strategic Management
    Environmental Scanning and Internal Appraisal Analysis
    Planning and formulation
    Implementation and control
    Risk Management
    Management Information Systems
    Internal Control Systems

    Part B Strategic Alliances:

    Nature and Scope
    Foreign Collaborations and joint ventures

    Part C International Trade:

    International Trade and Treaties
    Anti-dumping, subsidies and countervailing duties
    Settlement of disputes under WTO

    Previous years question papers:

    CS Professional course candidates can download previous years question papers of Module III Strategic Management Alliances and International Trade paper from the attachment.

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