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    Download CS Professional Module II Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Institute of Company Secretaries of India is offering the Corporate Secretaryship course and the institute is a professional body established under the Company Secretaries Act 1980. The institute is the only professional body responsible for developing and regulating the profession of Company Secretaries of India and the headquarters of the institute is located in the city of New Delhi, while its branch offices are located four main regions namely New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.

    CS Professional Course:

    Among the different stages in which CS course is conducted, CS Professional Course is divided into four modules and each of these modules has two papers.

    Module II of the Professional Programme:

    Module II in the professional stage of the CS course has two subjects namely:
    As mentioned earlier each module of the CS professional course has two papers and the papers included in the second module are:

    • Financial Treasury and Forex Management
    • Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

    Syllabus of Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Paper:

    The whole paper is divided into 70 marks for Part A being Corporate Restructuring and Part B carries 30 marks with questions from Corporate Insolvency. The Syllabus covered under each of these parts is given below:

    Part A: Corporate Restructuring:

    • Introduction
    • Strategies
    • Merger & Amalgamations
    • Takeovers
    • Funding of Merger & Takeovers
    • Valuation of Shares & Business
    • Corporate Demergers and Reverse Mergers
    • Post Merger Reorganisation
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Legal Documentation
    • Case Studies

    Part B – Corporate Insolvency:

    • Revival, Rehabilitation and Restructuring of Sick Companies
    • Securitisation and Debt Recovery
    • Winding up
    • Cross Border Insolvency

    Previous years question papers:

    CS Professional course candidates can download previous years question papers of Module II Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency paper from the attachment.

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