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    Download CS Professional Module I Company Secretarial Practice Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Company Secretaryship course has different stages and the Professional stage is the third level for the candidates, who have joined the foundation course of Company Secretaryship after completion of their higher secondary examination. On the other hand, the professional stage is the second level for the candidates, who have directly joined the CS course after completion of their graduation.

    Subjects in the Professional Programme (Module I) of the CS course:

    The CS Professional Programme has four modules with two subjects for each module. The names of subjects included in the Module I of the CS professional course are given below:

    • Company Secretarial Practice
    • Drafting Appearances and Pleadings

    Content of Company Secretarial Practice:

    The objective of Company Secretarial Practice subject offered in the Module I of the professional level of CS course is to offer an in-depth knowledge of the procedures under the Companies Act, rules and regulations made thereunder inclusive of international view of company law. A broad outline of the content of this paper is given below:

    • E-Governance
    • Company Formation and Conversion
    • Alteration of Memorandum and Articles
    • Issue and Allotment of Securities
    • Membership and Transfer/Transmission
    • Directors and Managerial Personnel
    • Decision making forums and meetings
    • Preparation and presentation of reports
    • Distribution of profits
    • Charges
    • Inter-corporate loans, investments, guarantees and security
    • Filling and filing of returns and documents
    • Striking off names of companies
    • Best practices
    • Insider trading
    • Global development in company law

    Question Paper Pattern of Company Secretarial Practice Paper:

    The total number of questions in the paper will be eight out of which any six questions are to be answered including first question, which is compulsory.

    Previous years question papers:

    Previous year question papers of Company Secretarial Practice papers are given in the attachment.

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