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    Download CS Final Group 2 Corporate Restructuring– Law and Practice Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    CS Course stands for Company Secretary Course and this course is conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Company Secreatryship is a professional course that can turn students into modern corporate professionals.

    Groups in CS course:

    The CS course is divided into different groups like foundation, Executive, final and professional and there are sub-groups in final and executive groups.

    Subjects in the CS final exam:

    CS final examination is further divided into Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 and the following subjects are offered in each of the group:

    Group 1:

    1. Advance Company Law and Practice
    2. Secretarial Practice relating to Economic Laws & Drafting & Conveyancing
    3. Secretarial, Management and Systems Audit

    Group 2:

    1. Financial, Treasury and Forex Management
    2. Corporate Restructuring– Law and Practice
    3. Banking and Insurance- Law & Practice

    Group 3:

    1. World Trade Organisation- ITJV & FC
    2. Direct and Indirect Taxation- Law and Practice
    3. Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations

    Syllabus of Corporate Restructuring– Law and Practice Paper:

    The Corporate Restructuring– Law and Practice is offered in group 2 of the final CS examination and the paper includes the following chapters:

    • Introduction
    • Strategies
    • Mergers and amalgamations
    • Takeovers
    • Revival and Restructuring of Sick Companies
    • Funding of Mergers and Takeovers
    • Valuation of Shares and Business
    • Corporate Demergers/Splits and Divisions
    • Post Merger Re-organisation
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Alliances
    • Legal Documentation
    • Case Studies

    Pattern of paper:

    The Corporate Restructuring– Law and Practice paper is conducted for a duration of three hours for 100 marks with totally 8 questions. Out of the 8 questions, candidates will have to answer any 6 and first question should be answered compulsorily.

    Previous year question papers:

    Candidates can download previous year question papers of The Corporate Restructuring– Law and Practice.

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