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    Download Cochin University of Science & Technology B. Tech Mechanical Engineering 4th Semester Advanced Mechanics of Solids Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    B. Tech Mechanical Engineering course offered by Cochin University of Science & Technology is divided into eight semesters and here is the list of papers offered in the fourth semester of the course:

    Papers in the fourth semester of B. Tech ME:

    • Engineering Mathematics – III
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Advanced Mechanics of Solids
    • Applied thermodynamics
    • Hydraulic Machinery
    • Manufacturing Process
    • Electrical lab
    • Computational lab

    Syllabus for Advanced Mechanics of Solids Paper:

    Code number of this paper is ME 403 to denote it as the third paper in the fourth semester of the ME course. Its syllabus includes chapters under the following modules:

    • Module I – 2D problems in Cartesian Co-ordinates
    • Module II - 2D problems in polar Co-ordinates
    • Module III – Analysis of stress and strain in 3D
    • Module IV – Unsymmetric bending, shear flow, shear centre

    Text books and reference books for ME 403:

    • Theory of Elasticity : Timoshenko & Goedier, McGraw Hill
    • Advanced Mechanics of Materials: Solecki & Conant: Oxford University Press
    • Advanced Mechanics of Solids : L.S. Srinath, Tata McGraw Hill
    • Solid Mechanics: SMA Kazimi, Tata McGraw Hill

    Of these the first two books are followed as text books and the remaining two are reference books.

    Question paper pattern:

    There will be questions under two parts and there will be 10 questions in total. Question no.1 denoted part A and remaining questions belong to part B.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of advanced mechanics of solids paper are given in the attachment.

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