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    Download Civil Services Main Mathematics Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Civil Services Main Exam is held every year after the Civil Services Preliminary Examination. This exam recruits personnel to Civil Service. This exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

    Exam Pattern:

    This exam is held after the preliminary exam and the difference between the two is that the former asks for descriptive answers compared to the latter’s asking of objective questions. Moreover the Main exam is made of nine papers, whereas the preliminary is made up of just two papers. Out of the nine papers, two subjects can be chosen as per the candidate’s choice and are known as Optional Subjects. Mathematics, being a concept based subject is selected by many as one of the optional subjects.

    Syllabus for Mathematics in Civil Services Main Exam:

    Mathematics, an optional subject in Civil Services Main is made up two papers namely Mathematics Paper I and Mathematics Paper II

    Paper I covers the following chapters:-

    • Linear Algebra
    • Calculus
    • Analytic Geometry
    • Ordinary Differential Equations
    • Dynamics and Statics
    • Vector Analysis

    Paper II is made up of the following chapters:-

    • Algebra
    • Real Analysis
    • Complex Analysis
    • Linear Programming
    • Partial differential equations
    • Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming
    • Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics

    Duration of Mathematics paper in Civil Services Main Exam:

    Both the papers of Mathematics contain questions worth 300 marks and the time duration for both is three hours.

    Scoring Pattern:

    Marks are awarded based on the correctness of solving method used. Mere writing of answers without any logic is strictly discouraged. No negative marking is performed in these papers.

    Previous years question papers of Mathematics:

    Candidates can look into the attachments for the previous years question papers of Mathematics of Civil Services Main examination.

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