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    Download Civil Service Main Public Administration Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Civil Services Main Exam is held after the preliminary phase of the exam. Candidates making it to the merit list of the preliminary exam are called for this main examination.

    Exam Pattern:

    The Civil Service Mains is made up of nine papers, out of which four papers are optional, two from each optional subject. Public Administration is widely chosen as an optional subject by candidates due to its high and easy availability of study materials and also its easy understandability nature.

    Syllabus for Public Administration of Civil Service Main Exam:

    The syllabus of Public Administration encompasses the following:-

    Basic concepts and principles
    Theories of Administration
    Administrative Behaviour
    Accountability and Control
    Administrative Systems
    Personnel Administration
    Financial Administration
    Union Government and Administration in India, British Legacy
    Civil Services in India
    State and District Administration
    Local Government

    Duration of Public Administration paper in Civil Service Main Exam:

    Three hours is allotted to both the papers of Public Administration. Both the papers are generally held on the same day. Candidates are asked to write answers in a descriptive fashion to the questions asked.

    Scoring pattern:

    Special credit is given when answers are to the point and has necessary and required information. Answers are to be written in brief when asked to do so and long in the long answer section.

    Previous years question papers of Public Administration:

    Candidates can download the sample papers of Public Administration provided in the attachments.

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    Re: Download Civil Service Main Public Administration Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    the importance of public administration to a society

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