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    Download Ch BP Govt. Engineering College B. Tech Information Technology Third semester Circuits & Systems Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    The Ch. B.P. Government Engineering College is working under the control of the Government of NCT of Delhi and as the name of college implies, it is an engineering college offering engineering courses under three main branches of engineering being civil engineering, information technology and environmental engineering.

    B. Tech Information Technology from Ch BP Government Engineering College:

    Candidates taking up B. Tech IT from this college will be conferred with the appropriate degree by the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University to which the institution is affiliated.

    Third semester of B. Tech IT:

    The B. Tech IT course offered by Ch BP Government Engineering College is divided into eight semesters and the third semester of the IT course includes the following subjects:

    Applied Mathematics III
    Analog Electronics
    Circuits and Systems
    Foundations of Computer Systems
    Object Oriented Programming using C++
    Data Structures
    Analog Electronics Lab
    Circuits & Systems Lab
    Object Oriented Programming using C++ Lab
    Data Structure Lab

    Among these papers, the last four are practical papers and others are theoretical papers.

    Circuits & Systems paper offered in the third semester:

    The code number of Circuits & Systems paper offered in the third semester of the B. Tech IT course is ETEC-205. The examination for this paper is conducted for 75 marks and the syllabus for this paper has four units.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Previous years question papers and sample question papers of Circuits & Systems paper of the B. Tech IT III Semester is given in the attachment.

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