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    Download Ch BP Govt. Engineering College B. Tech Information Technology Sixth Semester Digital Communication – II (ETIT 312) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Ch B.P Government Engineering college offers Bachelor of Technology course in three branches namely information technology, environmental engineering and civil engineering with affiliation from the GGSIPU. The duration of these branches is four years and the intake capacity of the college for these courses is 60 students per year for CE and IT and 30 students per year for the branch of environmental engineering.

    About B. Tech Information Technology:

    Of the three branches, B. Tech IT branch has more demand among students and this course is divided into eight semesters with the following papers in the sixth semester of the course.

    Sixth semester papers in B. Tech IT:

    • Microprocessor systems
    • Object Oriented Software Engineering
    • Computer Networks
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    • Digital Communication – II

    Syllabus for Digital Communication – II paper:

    ETIT 312 is the code number of this paper and syllabus for this paper includes chapters under the following units:

    • Unit I – Information, channel capacity
    • Unit II – Source coding
    • Unit III – Channel Coding
    • Unit IV – Convolution Coding

    Text books and reference books:

    • S. Haykins, “Digital Communications”, Wiley, 2000.
    • T M Gover, J M Thomos, “Elements of Information Theory”, Wiley, 1999.
    • J G Proakis, “Digital Communications”, Mc Graw Hill, 2001.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Digital Communication – II paper are given in the attachment.

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