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    Download Ch BP Govt. Engineering College B. Tech Information Technology Fourth Semester Operating System (ETCS 212) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Ch. BP Government Engineering College came into existence from the academic year 2007-08 and it was established by the Department of Training and Technical Education of the Government of Delhi with the mission of promoting and establishing a centre of excellence in the form of institutions. The college offers B. Tech course in information technology, civil and environmental engineering.

    B. Tech information technology:

    Of the three courses offered by the college, B. Tech IT course has great demand among the students and this course extends to a period of eight semesters with the following papers in its fourth semester:

    Fourth semester papers of B. Tech IT:

    • Software Engineering
    • Algorithm Analysis & Design
    • Digital Circuits & System – I
    • Communication Systems
    • Computer Graphics
    • Operating Systems

    About Operating Systems paper:

    This paper is denoted as ETCS 212 and the course offers an introduction to the operating system, its processes, CPU Scheduling, Deadlocks and information management to the students.

    Text books for the paper:

    1. Silbersachatz and Galvin, “Operating System Concepts”, Pearson, 5th Ed., 2001
    2. Dr. R. C. Joshi, “Operating Systems”, Wiley Dreamtech, 2005

    Reference books for the paper:

    • Tannenbaum, “Operating Systems”, PHI, 4th Edition, 2000
    • E. Madnick, J. Donovan, “Operating Systems”, Tata McGraw Hill, 2001

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of operating system paper offered in the fourth semester of the B. Tech IT course of Ch. B.P. Government Engineering College are given in the attachment.

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