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    Download CAT Quantitative Aptitude Exam Previous years Question Papers

    The quantitative aptitude test consists of the CAT Theory questions, which are a part of the CAT Quantitative section.

    CAT Quantitative Aptitude Exam’s syllabus:

    • Chapter -1, Number system.
    • Chapter -2, Set Theory.
    • Chapter -3, Functions.
    • Chapter -4, Average Ratio and Proportion.
    • Chapter -5, Algebra.
    • Chapter -6, Percentage.
    • Chapter -7, Geometry.
    • Chapter -8, Measurement.
    • Chapter -9, Time Distance and Work.
    • Chapter -10, Permutation and Combination.
    • Chapter -11, probability.

    Names of few books of Quantitative Aptitude CAT:

    • Quantitative Aptitude Notes: Permutation and combination.
    • 123 Tough Questions in Quantitative Aptitude.
    • Quantitative Notes- compound Interest and Mean Median.
    • Mental arithmetic EBook, etc.

    Duration of the exam:

    The allotted time for the examination is 2 hours till 2006 but after that the time was extended to 2 and half hours.

    Pattern of the exam:

    Till the year 2000, there were 180 questions. After that it became 90 in the 2003, and the number of questions decreased to 75 in the years 2006 and 2007. But, again in the year 2008, the number of questions increased to 90. Finally, in 2009, CAT questions decreased to 60(20 in each of the sections of quantitative analysis, logical reasoning + verbal ability and data interpretation). This is a multiple choice test. The exam held in the 3rd Sunday of November, every year.

    Previous year question papers:

    The aspiring candidates of CAT can find the attached quantitative ability question papers with solutions of previous years.

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    Re: Download CAT Quantitative Aptitude Exam Previous years Question Papers

    hi i want to previous year aptitude question paper

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