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    Download Bengal Engineering & Science University B.E. Civil Engineering (Part III) Environmental Engineering - II Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Abbreviated as BESU, Bengal Engineering & Science University offers different engineering course as it is understood from its name right from the year 1856.

    About B.E Civil Engineering Course offered by BESU:

    Among the engineering courses offered by BESU in different branches of engineering, some of the subjects are common for all branches of engineering in the first and second semester of the course that comprises of eight semesters in total. BE Civil Engineering course also extends to a period of four years with two semesters for each year making a total of eight semesters.

    Subjects in the sixth semester of the course:

    The sixth semester of the B.E. Civil Engineering course, which falls in the third year of the course includes the following subjects:

    • Design of Steel Structures
    • Structure Analysis – II
    • Soil Mechanics – II
    • Irrigation & Hydraulic Structures
    • Environmental Engineering – II
    • Transportation Engineering – II
    • Structural Engineering Lab
    • Project – II
    • Viva-Voce – I

    About Environmental Engineering– II paper:

    The Environmental Engineering-II paper falls under the sixth semester of the B.E. Civil Engineering course offered by the BESU. Earlier, it came under seventh semester and now it is being offered in the sixth semester. The code number of this paper is CE605, while its earlier code was CE-706.

    Pattern of the paper:

    According to the 2010 paper pattern, the question paper for Environmental Engineering–II paper will have 10 questions in total and the total marks and time allotted is 70 and 3 hours respectively. All questions carry equal marks and the question paper is divided into two half. Out of the five questions given in first half any three are to be answered and the is applicable to second half as well.

    Previous year question papers:

    Candidates can download previous year question papers of B.E. Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering – II paper.

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