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    Download Bangalore University B. Com Fifth Semester Auditing - I (Elective - I) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Bangalore University is an age old university in India operating from the state of Karnataka and this university offers a number of courses under different faculties of education and among the different courses offered by the university Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) course always has craze among students. The course extends to a period of three years and the names of papers offered in the fifth semester of the course are given below:

    Fifth semester papers of B. Com course:

    • Methods and Techniques of cost accounting
    • Income taxes – I
    • Entrepreneurship development program
    • Computer Business Applications
    • Elective – Paper I
    • Elective – Paper II

    About Elective – Paper I:

    The Elective – I and Elective - II categories offered in the fifth semester of the B. Com course is classified as accounting group and finance group. Elective I paper is the Auditing – I paper and this paper aims at imparting knowledge to the students about the method and principles of auditing and their applications. The 5 units under this subject includes the following:

    • Introduction to auditing
    • Internal check
    • Verification and valuation of assets and liabilities
    • Audit of different organizations
    • Auditing under computerized environment

    Reference books for Auditing – I paper:

    • Jagadeesh Prakash, Auditing
    • Pradeep Kumar, Auditing
    • P N Reddy & Appannaiah, Auditing
    • Kamal Gupta, Practical Auditing
    • Dinakar Pagare, Practice of Auditing
    • MS Ramaswamy, Principles and Practice of Auditing
    • BN Tandon, Practical Auditing
    • TR Sharma, Auditing

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Auditing – I paper are given in the attachment.

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