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    Download Anna University Bachelor of Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Fourth Semester Electrical Machines - II Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Anna University is a popular university offering education from the state of Tamil Nadu and the university has branches in different cities in the state. The Bachelor of Engineering course offered by the university has different branches of which the Electrical & Electronics Engineering course always has a great value among students.

    Semesters in B.E. EEE course:

    B.E. EEE course is divided into eight semesters of which the fourth semester of the course includes the following theoretical papers:

    • Numerical Methods
    • Electrical Machines – II
    • Transmission & Distribution
    • Control Systems
    • Electronic Circuits
    • Applied Thermodynamics

    About Electrical Machines – II paper:

    The objective of this paper is to expose the students to the concepts of asynchronous and synchronous machines and to analyze their performance. The list of chapters covered under this subject is given below:

    • Synchronous Generator
    • Synchronous Motor
    • Three phase induction motor
    • Starting and speed control of three phase induction motor
    • Single phase induction motor and special machines
    Text books and reference books for Electrical Machines – II paper:
    • P.S. Bhimbhra, ‘Electrical Machinery’, Khanna Publishers, 2003
    • D.P. Kothari and I.J. Nagrath, ‘Electric Machines’, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd, 2002
    • Sheila.C.Haran, ‘Synchronous, Induction and Special Machines’, Scitech Publications, 2001
    • K. Murugesh Kumar, ‘Electric Machines’, Vikas publishing house Pvt Ltd, 2002
    • J.B. Gupta, ‘Theory and Performance of Electrical Machines’, S.K.Kataria and Sons, 2002
    • A.E. Fitzgerald, Charles Kingsley, Stephen.D.Umans, ‘Electric Machinery’, Tata
    • McGraw Hill publishing Company Ltd, 2003

    Previous Years Question papers:

    Past question papers of Electrical Machines – II paper are given in the attachment.

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